You may have been deferred, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help save lives in other ways. Depending upon the type of deferral, you may still be able to help save lives through ongoing research and clinical trials at Southern California Blood Bank.

Blood donors are understandably disappointed when they are told they are deferred. But donors who were deferred for reasons such as travel, medications or hepatitis C are able to help us during their temporary or permanent deferrals.

A single tube of blood has the potential to help save millions of lives!

We are able to use your donation to study a number of factors that will lead to better understanding and treating diseases. Donating for research can have tremendous impact in our community’s health.

The choice is yours, but we hope to include you in the results of some significant medical findings.

For more information regarding research and clinical trials call Gateway Donor Center at 1-800-469-7322.